About the artist

Hello fellow art lover!

My name is Emil Staggemeier, and I’m very proud to present my paintings to you. I’ve been painting for the last seven years – but things have been going really fast the last six months, which I am very grateful for!

I try – through my paintings, to illustrate my feelings, both positive and negative, and to learn more about my self, both as an artist – but also as an human being. I try to be as authentic and honest as possible. I guess my work is about welcoming all feelings and to break down taboos.

I want to show how much I can illustrate, with as few tools as possible.

Normally I don’t like to explain my works too much. I like the fact that the viewer can find their own meaning of the work – and thereby resonate with it.

Thank you dearly, for swinging by!

If you have further questions – don’t hesitate!

Picture is taken in my new studio at Skabelonloftet, Refshaleøen Copenhagen
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Do you want to invest in a painting - or apply for commissioned work? Please contact Staggemeier via bystaggemeier@gmail.com